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In the Patch

We love to go out and visit the pumpkin patches of fellow growers. Learning from experienced growers is probably one of the best ways for beginners to improve their results. During each visit we take lots of digital pictures, video and notes on any special techniques being used. If your patch is too far away for a visit, you can send us photos and/or video and we may post it on this web site. For information about having a "Patch Page" built please send e-mail to John.

In the Patch...SNGPG Picnic/Patch Tour 8/28/2005
Check out the pictures from our trip down to Rhode Island to see the pumpkin patches of some of the top New England growers.
Created on 8/31/2005 ----- Last updated on 8/31/2005

In the Patch...Alan Nesbitt 9/08/2001
The third stop on our upstate NY patch tour was at the home of Alan Nesbitt.
Created on 11/25/2001 ----- Last updated on 11/25/2001

In the Patch...Joe Pukos 9/07/2001
The first patch we toured in upstate NY belonged to two time Clarence weigh-off winner, Joe Pukos.
Created on 10/24/2001 ----- Last updated on 10/24/2001

In the Patch...Len Stellpflug 9/07/2001
Back in early September we made a road trip to upstate NY to visit Len Stellpflug on his farm.
Created on 10/24/2001 ----- Last updated on 10/24/2001

In the Patch...Ohio Tour
The Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers Summer Picnic and Tour 2000.
Created on 9/28/2000 ----- Last updated on 9/28/2000

In the Patch...Charlie Houghton 7/22/2000
The third stop of the N.H.G.P.G.A. patch tour was at Charlie Houghton's house in Goffstown, NH. Charlie was a little reluctant to show us web guys his patch but he finally caved!
Created on 9/25/2000 ----- Last updated on 9/25/2000

In the Patch...Jim Kuhn 7/22/2000
The second stop of the N.H.G.P.G.A. patch tour was at Jim Kuhn's house in Goffstown, NH. Jim is the current New England champion having grown a 929.2 lb. pumpkin in 1997.
Created on 9/18/2000 ----- Last updated on 9/18/2000

In the Patch...Jim Beauchemin 7/22/2000
We received an invite to the first annual New Hampshire Giant Pumpkin Grower's Association (N.H.G.P.G.A.) picnic held at Jim Beauchemin's house in Goffstown, NH.
Created on 8/24/2000 ----- Last updated on 8/24/2000

In the Patch...Alan Reynolds 9/6/1999
We went back to Alan Reynolds house in early September to weigh my split pumpkin before it rotted. While we were there Alan gave us a follow-up tour of his pumpkin patch. He had a variety of problems crop up this year, including woodchucks, raccoons, stem
Created on 11/18/1999 ----- Last updated on 11/18/1999

In the Patch...Alan Reynolds 7/10/1999
Last July we had the pleasure of visiting Alan Reynolds renowned pumpkin patch in Durham Connecticut. Alan welcomed us with great enthusiasm, eager to share with us some of his pumpkin knowledge.
Created on 11/6/1999 ----- Last updated on 11/6/1999

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